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    Democratic Outreach?

    Will McVay
    Will McVay

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    Democratic Outreach? Empty Democratic Outreach?

    Post by Will McVay on Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:32 pm

    We've had a lot of interest and a lot of contact with Republican-leaning groups and candidates, but very little interaction with Democratic leaning groups or candidates, except for Norman Wood, the Democratic candidate for Kent County Sheriff. On one hand, the Democrats are more the incumbents right now than the Republicans are so there is a lot more discontent on the Republican side and there is a benefit to teaming up with the people not in control, but there is also a perception that the Libertarian Party are more Republican leaning and in some cases more extreme right-wing than Democrats.

    We need to work against this perception and demonstrate our independence from the Republican Party. That was part of my motivation to contest both incumbent-party primaries. Is anyone aware of Democratic-leaning grassroots organizations or familiar with Democratic candidates who would be willing to work with us on areas of common interest?

    It will be very difficult for us to upset the balance of the two-party system of all we do is eat into Republican votes and "spoil" Republican elections. We have to appeal to Democrats too.

    Will McVay
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