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    32nd District Freedom Tour

    Will McVay
    Will McVay

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    32nd District Freedom Tour Empty 32nd District Freedom Tour

    Post by Will McVay on Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:36 pm

    The 32nd District Freedom Walks are entirely too hot and take entirely too long. This will be the first 32nd District "Freedom Tour" to try out a new method of outreach to the 32nd District by driving to various population centers and through various neighborhoods to spread the word about the Libertarian Party and its candidates. Stops will include:

    - Rodney Village Shopping Center (~10am)
    - Rodney Village Bowling Alley (~10:30am)
    - Drive through Rodney Village Housing Development (~10:45am)
    - W. Reilly Brown Elementary School (~11am)
    - Capitol Baptist Church (~11:30am)
    - Mayfair Park (~11:45am)
    - Governor's Avenue Exxon (~12pm)
    - Woodbrook Park (~12:15pm)
    - Dover Street Park (~12:30pm)
    - St. Johns Lutheran Church (~1pm)
    - Lotus St. McDonalds (~1:30pm)
    - Christian Life Center, Capitol Green (~2pm)
    - Court St. Wawa (~2:30pm)
    - IHOP (~3pm)
    - First Southern Baptist Church (~3:15pm)
    - Target (~3:30pm)
    - Maranatha Christian Church (~4pm)
    - Little Creek Fire House (~4:30pm)
    - Hollywood Diner (~5pm)
    - Burger King (~5:15pm)
    - Jakes Hamburgers (~5:30pm)
    - Roma's Pizza (~6pm)
    - General's Green McDonalds (~6:30pm)
    - Gateway South Shopping Center (~7pm)
    - Rt. 10 Wawa (~7:15pm)
    - Cavalry Church (~7:30pm)
    - Parking Lot Outside Lakeland MHP (~8pm)
    - Wolf Creek Business Park (~8:30pm)
    - Touchdown Lounge (~9pm)

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