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    20101106: [EC] Fundraising Contractors Program

    Will McVay
    Will McVay

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    20101106: [EC] Fundraising Contractors Program

    Post by Will McVay on Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:42 am

    Special fundraising budget for all funds raised through a fundraising contractor:

    17.5% paid out to fundraiser.
    20% reserved for charitable contributions.
    62.5% to Party General Fund.

    I'm thinking:
    Toys for Tots
    Kent County Theater Guild
    Some kind of Veterans Charity (USO?)
    Big Brothers/Big Sisters
    Charter School Fundraiser?

    Please feel free to offer suggestions.

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    Will McVay
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    Libertarian Party of Delaware.
    Jeff Munn

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    Re: 20101106: [EC] Fundraising Contractors Program

    Post by Jeff Munn on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:47 pm

    I agree and approve. I believe this is an opportunity for the Kent County Libertarian Party to reach out to these organizations.

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